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  • Things Every New Programmer Should Know !

    Know command-line tools

    >There are chances that as a developer you may spend most of your time working on a code editor or a fancy IDE. However, also knowing how to execute things at the command line could sometimes make your life easier.

    Switch to Linux or Mac

    Windows is old school to use as a developer and you will explore more command tools in Linux. Maybe being a beginner you cannot afford the mac it's ok to have Linux and be sharp to roll on with programming language you love.

    It doesn't get easier; you get smarter.

    Programming is not an easy job to do. Requirements change in the middle of projects, technology advances quickly and ruthlessly, customers are quick to judge and slow to explain. Programming does not get easier. Rather, we programmers get smarter.

    The first time you encounter a particular bug, you're a failure until you stumble upon the solution, at which point you promptly become a god.

    The two states of programmers: "I am a god" and "I have no idea what I'm doing."
    The trick is this: the next time you find that bug, you already know how to fix it, or at least the correct path to start on. The bug didn't get easier, you got smarter.

    Learn every day.

    Everybody will, in the long run, become out of date.  If you are not learning, you will become obsolete much more quickly. You must learn or die! Technology moves too fast and too excessively quick for any of us programmers to be left behind.

    The trickiest part of this is learning how to learn. It takes years to be pro at coding, and years more to be good at understanding what you need to know and letting go of what you don't need. You will get there, just give it time. More you are into it more you are proficient.

    A good environment is worth far more than a high salary.

    Whatever the reason is, if you find yourself working a job that no longer makes you happy, do whatever you can to move away from it or to change it.

    I know there are real-world pressures for people whose jobs no longer are (or never were) fulfilling. I know that, for some people, the money is too good to just up and leave. Maybe you and your family cannot take another job change right now. Whatever the reason is, future you will thank you ten times over if you can create a way for you to be satisfied with your job.

    You Can Do This

    you can do this. Programming looks like magic, and some professionals make it look easy. Don't fall for that. It's not easy, it never has been, it probably never will be. But it can be done, and you can do it. And we need you, newly-minted junior programmers. Our industry needs new minds and new experiences like yours.

    Do you have some tips or ideas you think incoming junior devs should know about? Or are you a junior yourself, and want to share your experiences? Sound off in the comments!

    Happy Coding!

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