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  • Pubg mobile season6 hack

    PUBG mobile season 6 new script [no root]


    Download Script

      Download Hosts 

      (choose the one that matches your device, please try one by one if the "abnormalities detection")

      Download Virtual Space & Virtual Hosts

      1. Virtual space
      2. virtual space for android 9.0 and 10.0
      3. virtual hosts


      note: non-root must use hosts even though using the safe edition script.
      1.  Make sure you have installed the PUBG application from the Play Store.
      2. Then install the latest Virtual Space application.
      3. If you have installed a virtual space application, run the virtual space, then clone the PUBG APK to virtual by selecting the + (plus) icon.
      4. Next install the GameGuard1 Apk, after it is installed, there will be 2 GG icons, open the SW icon , then select default to install GameGuardian again so that the GameGuardian gets installed with a random name.
      5. Next GameGuardian clone with random names in virtual space.
      6. Then install and run the Virtual Hosts application. Select "RE-SELECT HOST FILE" , then navigate to the hosts file that you downloadedearlier. After that Virtual Hosts will be automatically marked with the green ON icon. (don't clone to virutal space and enable virtual hosts from outside the virtual space)
      7. After the virtual hosts are active, then run the Virtual Space application → Run GameGuardian in Virtual Space → Select Start.
      8. Note: If the GameGuardian icon does not appear pop-up while running, please enter Android settings → Installed Apps / Installed Apps → Select virtual applications, such as DualSpace, then select Other Permissions / Other Permissions → Pop-up display windows → Accept / accept / allow it.
      9.  Then run PUBG Mobile in the Virtual Space application.
      10. After the PUBG has opened, then Tap the GameGuardian icon → Select process  → select PUBG MOBILE.
      11. Next, run the PUBG cheat script by selecting the "Execute script"   Play icon → Select and search for the PUBG cheat script file that was downloaded earlier (Usually in the download folder ).
        Then the script menu will appear Wait for the process in GameGuardian to be 100% and a noticeable message will appear.
      12. Then tap the GameGuardian icon again, because we are now in the lobby game , then select LOBBY to activate the cheat button in the PUBG lobby . Please select / check the desired cheat feature , for example: WallHack & color.
      13.  If you have activated, then Start to start the game.When you have entered the game and are eligible to use other cheats in the GAME menu, please activate. Wait for the process to be 100% so you will be able to feel the cheat feature .
      14. after cheat is activated close script while playing for safety

       Note: Strongly recommended  to use a GUEST account or new account, don't use the main account.
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      video tutorial:


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