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  • How to see private number or email in facebook ?

    How to see Private number in facebook ?

    since facebook have been used by billions of the people in the world the security has always been the priority thing while people are online and the the private information should not be shared by the facebook to the third person as it is private and the hackers always find the way to test and find the way into the security . As the people on internet are unaware of the security issues the security becomes a risk and here is ht e method how we can see the private number on facebook


    • run command on terminal
    git clone https://github.com/xHak9x/fbi

    • goto the folder fbi
    • install the requirements
    • and run the file called fbi.py
    • then enter facebook username and password
    • generate token 
    • use command dump_phone to get list of all phone numbers
    video tutorial:

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