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  • How remove community strike in youtube ?

    How remove community strike in youtube?

    Basically, you get the community strike when you violate the guidelines of the youtube policy.

    You should be following all of them in order to avoid the strikes and do not copy someone's content without permission.

    In my case, I got the strike in a video and I been to policy page of the youtube and read all the guidelines and find out it doesn't violate any of them and I did make an appeal on a decision in that particular decision I used the message that basically defends about my content not being the one that actually violates the policy. The exact message I used was

    I think this video doesn't violate any community guidelines and there are many videos on this topic in youtube if this violates any guidelines then remove all of them why only my video is removed. please consider reinstate it. Thank you 
    You guys can check out the video how I did it and managed to get the video back online just within a couple of hours.


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