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  • How to hack WPA/WPA2 wifi ?

    There are various method to hack a wifi.Wifi have different encryptions like WEP, WPA, WPA2, AND WPA3 .


    Hacking has been never easy since wifi is more widely used internet technology the vendors make more secure it to hack how ever there are also various way to hack it which we will discuss in this post .here you are to explore the how to hack into a wifi notwork which actually don't belong to you technically it means hacking .If you see in the legal case that then it is more of a mess.It is some how illegal too but it is non of our concern .wifi is a day to day used tech so most of us want it free from our neighbor especially. so i have broken down hacking wifi in various steps which are embedded in the below  videos you might find it really special so before you watch the video you need have knowledge of kali linux since these videos are based on kali linux i also have brief videos about the in my channel you can watch them here.

    Hackers use different tools to hack wifi and i have video series in it linked below:

    1. Use of basic command used in wifi hacking
    2. How to read packets of any router without connection with it.
    3.How to disconnect user from a router without being connected to it.
    4.How to change MAC address of ur wifi adapter or system. 
    5.How to hack WEP protected router when clients are connected. 

    1. How to hack WEP protected wifi when clients are not connected. (Fake authentication attak). 2. How to hack WEP using chopchop attack. 3.How to  hack WEP using Fragment attack.

    1. How to hack WEP protected wifi using wifite tool. 2. How to hack any wifi using wifite tool. 3.How to hack WPA/WPA2 wifi using 4 way handshake method. 4.How to make own wordlist for cracking .cap file. 5.How to make realtime wordlist using crunch tool. 6.How to hack WPA/WPA2 wifi using bruteforce attack.

    1. How to hack WPA/WPA2 wifi using fluxion. 2. How to hack WPA/WPA2 wifi using linset. 3.How to hack WPA/WPA2 wifi using wifi pisher. 4.Differences between fluxion and wifi pisher. 5.How to hack Facebook using wifi pisher. 6.How to use complete form of wifi pisher.

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